Terms & Condition For every Vendor.

Every Vendor registering on “MyAdorn site or app’’ must read this Term’s & Condition Thoroughly.

On this T&C page words like ‘shopkeeper’, ‘user’, ‘he/his’, ‘Vendor’ means the same and refers shopkeeper. And here ‘We’ refers to MyAdron, site and app. Every Vendor must read this and must be agreed to T&C before applying for ‘Vendor Account ’. Every Vendor is expected to follow this T&C, if he don’t follow his Vendor account will be disabled and he cannot access it again.

Applying as a Vendor :

User can apply for Vendor account for free ( may change in Future) When any user is applying as a Vendor he must submit his own and store detail’s correctly, as it is used to verify user and his store. We collect the information of user like name, surname, address , email address, Phone no. etc. We collect store information like store name (which is use to used to create link https://myadorn.in/store/your-store/) , store address (used to locate on Map), store phone no. etc. extra detail’s are taken from user while verification call (Not necessary that we will call for verification) . The user must provide us right information.

Vendor Plan ;

It’s mandatory to a user to subscribe to a plan before processing forward. Now the “Professional Vendor Plan’’ is only the free and single plan (May change in future).

Services and the feature’s of plan consists: 1) Unlimited products upload, 2) No limit to orders . 4) Can make any changes in store/products as per need. 5) Dedicated technical support. 6) Can add multiple shipping rules. 7) Can Track store in real time 8) Chat with customers in real time. 9) Independent Store. 10) Write articles on behalf of your store, 11) Provide best experience of shopping Etc.

Plan payment :

A user subscribing plan has multiple payment option as ‘PayPal’ , NEFT , ‘Strip payment’. User can use any of this option to pay for plan. (While paying through Bank a user should try to process his payment within a hour or if not in 24 hour’s. The vendor application will not be approved until the funds are cleared in our Bank account. If fund doesn’t get cleared within 24 hours user will get call and even if funds do not get cleared within 6 hour’s the vendor application of that particular user will be rejected.

After the application is Approved :

After application is approved a Vendor can setup his store immediately and can start adding products to his store. A vendor is expected to complete his store setup 100%. Vendor must setup his “store policy’’, “refund policy’’ , “Shipping/delivery rule’s and policy’’ first as it’s attract more customer’s and increases trust. A vendor should setup his policies correctly and should not violate ‘’MyAdorn Policy’’. A Vendor is expected to keep transparency between his Customers.

Adding Products to a Store :

Shopkeeper must read this carefully as its important.

Vendor should add his product with correct/detailed information and price. Vendor is strictly not allowed to add product price more than MRP (Maximum Retail Price), a vendor is allowed to keep a price at MRP or slightly less than MRP. A vendor is expected to add description which describes product. Adding product image is Mandatory for a Vendor while adding a product. Product image should be clear and should depict a right product, if the image contains unnecessary thing or it does not match the product details, product will be rejected and will not be published on site, (Try avoiding blurry, or less pixel Product image). Vendor can add detail’s like SKU, shipping class, product policy in detailed and etc. (A store Vendor should wait at least a hour or two hours after submitting a product for review. If not you can contact us at [email protected] with your name, store name/ store link and expected product name to review)

Site commission / charges :

As per the new decision from MyAdorn. MyAdorn will not charge any charges/commission on products sale from vendors. Note: This rule may change in future.

Getting orders :

After getting order, order status becomes ‘pending’. Vendor should immediately take a note of new order (New order notification is sent by an email from ‘MyAdorn’) and also should make a note of order status. Vendor should work on order as soon as he can, and first he should change order status from ‘Pending’ to ‘Processing’. Vendor must deliver ordered product in given time/ days. (Home Delivery/shipment must be done by Vendor itself ‘MyAdorn’ do not provide any delivery option to the Vendor/shop till now but in future ‘MyAdorn’ can make change in this T&C ). After the product is Delivered/shipped, Vendor must change order status from’ Processing’ to ‘Complete’ (If not product amount will not be showed in your Dashboard). Vendor must deliver same product (without any defect in it), If the customers find any defect in the product ‘MyAdorn /Administrator’ will not be responsible for it. If the customer want to return his/ Her product, its returning responsibility must be taken by shop/vendor and amount will be refunded by “MyAdorn” only it amount was not withdrawn. If product amount is withdrawn Vendor should contact that particular customers and should refund his/her money as soon as possible. Vendor must handle cost of all the returning request (‘MyAdorn’ will not be responsible for refund and returning of product).

Note: Vendor sells his products on ‘MyAdorn’ to grow his business online but, ‘MyAdorn’ do not give 100% guarantee that your product will be sold. So to get product sold and to get more sale Vendor should add attractive products to his store with correct images and detailed description and should sell at right price. Vendor should share / should tell to his existing customers about his online store and should share his product with everyone to get known and to get his online store popular. Vendor should provide best services, fast delivery, best products and should ask customers to give reviews to your store. (‘MyAdorn’ works as a platform between seller and customers)


Vendor must do packaging of product before delivery and must attach a invoice of order on the packaging (Invoice is generated at a time of order)

Money Withdrawal :

Vendor can withdraw his earned amount after reaching certain limit and the withdrawal request will be processed within 24 hours, vendor can withdraw amount in ‘bank account’, ‘PayPal’, etc. (withdrawal request should be placed between 11:00 am to 04:00 pm

Disabling Vendor Account :

In Condition, If Vendor is not renewing his/her Vendor account before expiry date, His/her Vendor Account will be disabled automatically and all store products will be archived, He/She can try again within 15 days after Plan Expiry date. Even after this, Vendor is not applying for renewing account, products associated with their store will be deleted and media files associated with their account will also be deleted. This is done to provide our customers with best user experience.

Vendor must read this t & C carefully and if there is any query one can contact us on [email protected]

T&C here can be changed in future every Vendor must take a note of at every month end or should take a note of Changes notified by email. (Vendor should not miss any point).

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